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Desktop & Mobile Browser Development

A Portfolio Company of Redbrick

Desktop & Mobile Browser Development

Leveraging the power of Chromium’s open-source browser, we customize desktop and mobile browsers for unparalleled user experiences. It’s streamlined browsing at your fingertips.


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It all starts with what people want. We iterate and optimize based on user feedback and data—then make it even better.



Our in-house team of developers customize Chromium’s open-source browser to build our user-centric browsing solutions.



We share our browsers with the world—and leverage our advanced proprietary software analytics to improve them.

The proof is in the desktop

We create browsers that are the first of their kind. Not only do they integrate seamlessly with your desktop and mobile devices for convenient searching, they offer the things you always wish the PC experience included, from desktop shortcuts to clipboard history.


A portfolio company of Redbrick

Rebase is the legacy business of Redbrick. What began in an intimate, red-brick office of software developers has grown into a global name of disruptive tech-first companies—and Rebase is just the beginning.

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